Workshop: Tantra, Energy and Connection

Tantra, Energy and Connection

Tantra, Energy and Connection


Tantra, Energy and Connection • 29.6.2019 • Buddha on a Bicycle, 27 Endell Street, London, WC2H 9BA

On Saturday 29th June I’ll be facilitating a day’s workshop on tantra, energy and connection at Buddha on a Bicycle, 27 Endell Street, WC2H 9BA. Whatever your level of experience with tantra, energy work and self-development, this is a chance to enhance your personal practice and increase your connection with yourself and others.

In this workshop we’ll consider Tantra in its fullest context, weaving together voice and instinct, heart and wisdom, instinct and purpose and raw erotic power. The workshop will offer us shamanic and tantric techniques to access our sexual being and to connect more fully with our spiritual selves.

We will be encouraged to drop into relations with the world that are less visual and more tactile. Spending increasing proportions of our days locked into screens means we don’t always appreciate how much less time we spend feeling. Our sense of touch is vital for enabling the connections we crave and need.

There will be time for sharing and reflection, for movement and release, for the exploration of one’s own body and the bodies of others. Much of the day will involve nakedness: both physical and emotional. It will also allow for us to experience solo, partnered and group bodywork.

Tantra has helped me take my practice as an energy worker to another level. Before Tantra found me I had my spiritual self, who was stretching and meditating and doing all the good stuff. And then there was my sexual self, who wanted to go out partying whatever the cost. Tantra did what I had been trying (and failing) to do for years. It seamlessly, beautifully and powerfully, brought the two parts of me together. 

Our sexual power isn't by itself destructive, but it is supremely powerful. Tantra helps us to channel this energy in such a way that it feeds and supports us, bringing us to a more constant orgasmic state, while at the same time ensuring we remain potent and self-caring.

As gay, bi and queer boys, many of us have grown up feeling a sense of error about ourselves. We learned at an early age to feel guilt for our desires and shame at our roles. The shaming has been endemic in a culture that has made an enemy of the female and feminine in all her forms and has led many of us to feel a hostility to the feminine energy that is in us and in everything around us, as we race to prove ourselves man enough. And yet our femininity, and the way we inhabit both the poles of masculine and feminine, mark all LGBTQ people as the modern day shamans; the wounded healers who bridge the opposites to bring harmony to the world. (You can read a piece I wrote about this
Tantra embraces the feminine as equal to the masculine, the twin divine energies of Shakti and Shiva that rise up from our base like two serpents dancing. As we open further to Tantra we embrace the sensitivity of our being and begin to appreciate how much pleasure waits for us, both as givers and receivers. Unlike the rigid polarities of top and bottom that can seem so unyielding, Tantra encourages us to be in flow and to experience as much divine ecstasy in our bodies as we are able.

If you’re interested in attending please let me know as soon as possible. Spaces are strictly limited and there are only a few left. The cost per person is £120 for the day, with a £30 deposit requested to secure your place.

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