Well Come

Queer Spirit Medicine Serpent-Rising Shamanic Tantra Facilitator offering Relaxation and Stimulation through Chakra Bodywork. Dreaming Journeys and Guided Imaginative Visualisation Workshops offered in London for Gay, Bi, Trans Men from Experienced Outsider Artist and Qualified Shamanic Practitioner

Well Come



Welcome to the colourful serpentine world of Keone, visionary artist, author, speaker and shamanic tantric practitioner.

The first tattoo I had inked onto my body was an Ouroborus - the alchemical symbol for infinity. When the first edition of my book ‘The Parable of His-Story’ was published in 2011 the cover painting by Imedla Almqvist was once again a snake eating its own tail.

From the feathered serpent deity Quetzalcoatl in Mexico to the dragon on the flag of my homeland Wales, the serpent is to me a symbol of the energy that infuses life.

My paintings are representations of that energy. Serpent-Rising, my unique form of subtle and physical tantric bodywork, honours the kundalini life force energy and helps us to find more creative and empowering ways to work with what is inside all of us.

Like the serpent energy that flows in waves and particles through waves and particles, my life weaves through my words, paintings and practice. My daily meditative practice of tai chi, shamanic journeying and qi gong affects how I see the world and dance with it.

My story snakes through everything I am and all that I offer through 1:1 sessions, teaching workshops, videos and talks.

I hope you enjoy what you find and if you need to then please do make CONTACT

Born and raised in Wales, I read History at Oxford and Art History at the Courtauld. I have been meditating since 1996 and practicing Tai Chi since 1997. I am qualified in Reflexology, Reiki and Core Shamanism with 14 years practical hands-on experience. Serpent-Rising Tantra is a unique practice grown in sacred space. My writings have been published and translated, and my visionary art has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in private collections around the world.