Jade Paru (2014)

               Jade Paru (2014)



Hello and welcome to the website of Keone. Here you'll find:

  • ART; examples of visionary paintings, drawings, sketches, works on walls and fabric
  • WORDS; links to published plays, poetry, articles and books
  • TRANSFORMATION; A guide to the rites of passage and transformative services on offer
  • BROADCAST; a link to my youtube channel and a complete guide to the videos made


Hi I'm Keone and I was born and raised in Wales as Nicholas Taylor. My early years were spent overlooking the sea from the Gower Peninsula, next to Swansea. After my parents' divorce I moved with my mother to Cardiff where I went to school, walked a lot, made a song and dance and came out.

I read History at Oxford University, the legacy of which were deep and lasting friendships and mind-expanding conversations around the tea/pot. My MA in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute enabled me to explore the Bloomsbury Group and helped me realise that I wanted to make work rather than talk about other people making work.

Over the years I've been more or less employed in a variety of ways. I've worked as a topless barman in Heaven, as a minicab driver in the East End of London, a wedding list consultant for Heals, and a researcher for a Radio1 series on Gay Pop.

Following the death of my father and second mother within 3 months of each other, and an unsuccessful experiment in repressing grief through the medium of smoke, I had a full on nervous breakdown at the start of the new Millennium. As total neural rebooting is wont to do, my life shifted sizeably after that and I embarked on a process of self-healing that took in art, psychotherapy, energy work, before leading me to the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and my initiation into the Shaman's Path.

Alongside the healing and teaching that I've been able to offer to others, I've written and painted. My non-fiction, poetry and drama has been published in the mainstream and alternative presses. My first book 'The Parable of His-Story' was published by O-books in 2011 and translated into Korean. My first short play 'HereAfter' was one of the 10 winning entries of the inaugural Pint-Sized Plays competition and won the Performance Award. It was published in 2014 and has since been performed from Hull to New Zealand.

My art is a key aspect of my shamanic practice and I think of it as Visionary Art. It has been exhibited in Wales, London, Europe and Asia in group and solo shows. In 2016 I co-curated 'Sacred Art', an exhibition of over fifty contemporary international artists, exploring ideas of the numinous at the ancient gardens of Aberglasney, Carmarthenshire.

I have been working sensitively and compassionately with young people and adults since 2012, helping them use the shamanic tool of journeying to effect positive changes in their lives. I have taught workshops at festivals, held circles in Neal's Yard, as well as seminars helping tutors work with young people with SEN at a major educational consultancy firm. Not to mention privately.

Increasingly nomadic, I am currently living in East London.