"Just a quick note of thanks for what was a truly amazing afternoon. I'm not really sure of the right words to use - only WOW springs to mind! Thank you for making me feel immediately at ease and for the most intense feelings I have ever experienced. I'm actually trembling slightly now." (J.D.)

"Keone has a quality where he makes you feel comfortable very soon, particularly given the level of intimacy involved during the session. You are made aware that you are in control and able to say "no" at any point during the encounter if you feel your boundaries have been reached. Keone was very sensual and warm with his touch and I felt a raw erotic energy run through me I have never experienced before. He takes you to a level you probably will not have experienced before.  It felt lovely to lay back and let Keone just go to work. The session is unhurried and you are made to feel as though Keone is there just for you.  An amazing experience and I look forward to going back for more." (A.B.)

“Keone is a very magical individual and the session I had with him was truly sensational. His warm and nurturing character immediately put me at ease and I know from the outset that the work we were about to undertake would be very special. The levels of energy and connection were so high that I was transported to a different realm. I feel blessed that our paths have crossed and I wish to pursue many more treatments with him. A truly special soul.” (R.G.)

“What is remarkable about Keone is the sense of welcoming and ease you feel when working with him in a tantric setting. His use of empathy and touch is remarkable. He guides you through a process which is both healing and sensual. You are left feeling energised and happy. This is a soul with great energy who is well worth investing your time. Looking forward to my next session very much.” (A.D.)

“The session with Keone was absolutely amazing. I was looking to have a tantric session but I wanted to work with someone who would give me more than just a physical massage; I needed an energetic practitioner who could really help me shift. I just knew Keone would do a great job; he was very intuitive, even before meeting. In the session he was brilliant, he knew exactly where to work and could sense where my energy blockages were. The session was so powerful that the next morning I woke up having incorporated some of the feedback he gave me. I have been able to use that to effect the transformation in my life. And since then other things have opened up. I’ve had new insights, shifts in energy. I got to release a lot of shame as a result. I got to open up my throat chakra. So it wasn’t just a physical experience, it was a highly energetic and transformational experience as well.” (D.B.)

“I booked a massage the day before I was due to run the Manchester half marathon. I didn’t know what it would involve, or if it would help me prepare for the race. In the end, I beat my personal best.” (K.D.)

“Keone is a beautiful soul and made me feel relaxed by his warmth and capability. My body and energy responded so well andI rode glorious waves of pleasure and bliss. At the end of the treatment, I felt moved and grateful and am excited about further exploration with Keone.” (A.B.)

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect from my session with Keone but it outweighed all my preconceptions. It was a powerful exchange of energy and I felt completely relaxed, safe and nurtured during the whole time. I also felt amazing over the next few days. Thank you for such a great experience." (R.M.)

“Thank you again for Wednesday. That was an incredible experience - spiritual, beautiful, intimate. I don’t know what I was expecting but my time with you felt deeply kind and caring and I am so grateful. I’ve had the most beautiful after effects of your work. Every now and then I still feel your hands on me, and that’s intense and amazing. It feels less like a memory and more like the experience you get after swiming in the ocean all day, and that night you can still feel the waves rocking your body when you lie down to sleep.” (F. E.)

“When I booked the massage I didn't know what to expect. Keone asked me what my intentions are and all that I could say was that I wanted to leave his place feeling relaxed and happy and I definitely got that. He knows and understands very well the individual’s needs and he really provides these. The massage was very nice, calm and sensual just what I needed. I can only recommend his services. Thank you! (S.B.)

“I met Keone for my first experience with Tantra and he instantly made me feel relaxed and at ease. I just felt that it was very natural and peaceful. Keone creates a space where you can be your real self without any fear of judgment and where you can let your energy be released. Being in the same room as Keone makes you feel like there is a big and warm power holding you and looking after you. You feel your privacy and confidentiality completely in good hands so you can let go and surrender. Having Keone’s tender and warm hands on you makes you feel content, relaxed, understood, appreciated, respected, held tight and almost regretting not doing this throughout your whole life. It feels like he goes deep into your mind and body and takes you on an exploration trip. I felt I could be myself without shame.” (A.E.)

"I am a man in his 50s, and I have been married to a woman for over 25 years and have 2 sons. I have always been attracted to men, and I denied those feelings most of my life. I finally started exploring my feelings for men a few years ago through massage, and that introduced me to the power of touch. I encountered Keone though a conversation and knew almost immediately that I wanted to experience a session with him. Even before the massage started, I felt comfortable with him and that I could be open with him. Feeling his hands on me and his body and spirit left me completely relaxed, and, again, feeling that I could be open with him. It was as if he could read me perfectly and knew what I needed. I have always been the one who was in work, with my family, and sexually. But Keone somehow knew that I had a desire to surrender that control. We had never discussed that, but he seemed to know that I had the desire to be a pleaser. At one point, we just looked into each others' eyes, and it was as if he was saying, "It's OK, you can let go. You're safe with me and you can be whoever you want." Four days later, I still feel more alive than I have ever felt. Thank you, Keone. You are a special man." (M.W.)

"The overwhelming feeling I had was one of safety and containment. I felt able to feel both vulnerable yet held at the same time, as if being wrapped in emotional cotton wool. Experiencing the transformative feeling of someone's touch was both liberating and comforting." (R.C.)

“Had an excellent massage with Keone. I could actually feel the energy and after the massage my body and mind felt extremely relaxed. It was also spiritual. Keone was a good listener and it was good to have sound, life-changing advice.” (S.T.)

"This was an experience that I will never forget! I didn't quite know what to expect, but Keone's friendly and easygoing personality  quickly made me feel at ease. We connected immediately , and this translated well into our session. The amount of relaxation I felt allowed me to become aware of things about myself and my body that I was not aware of before. Keone's energy is both spiritual and erotic; his touch is soft and sensual, yet intense and extremely powerful. I felt my inner sexual energy being ignited during out session and this has led to a better understanding of both mine and my partner's sexual needs. Thank you very much for an amazing and extremely helpful experience." (K.J.)

“Keone creates an amazing space that blends sensual touch with a deep heart-centred care. I felt relaxed and nourished by the session whilst also being able to enjoy the erotic sesnations of touch and sensual stimulation.” (N.K.)

"At the beginning it was relaxing as usually massages are, but then something amazing happened. I felt a strong connection with him. Althought I had an erection, and of course I did felt sexual excitement, I felt a sudden love for him and started giving him a kind of massage - not a sexual one (I have done massages before). I was the client but I was almost begging to give him a massage! At the end I felt totally nourished and relaxed." (A.P.)

"The tantric massage was magical, my mind was quiet and I felt every touch. In a while I felt grounded and it raised my endorphin level so high. I definitely recommend." (B.S.)

“My partner and I were looking for guidance as we were facing difficulties in earning intimacy between the two of us. We did have an idea of what was holding us back, but Keone’s skills and sensible approach to his tantric work were unquestionably a watershed in our relationship; he helped untie knots that had been tangled for years in our personal histories and allowed us to truly bare our souls in front of each other. We’re truly grateful to Keone and his thoughtful approach to Tantra.” (C.M.)

“Keone gave me my very first tantric massage. I did not know too much of what to expect despite being curious about the practice for some time. They put me at ease at the beginning explaining what I was about to go through. Keone has a sensitive touch and is able to use this sensitivity in directing the therapeutic work with compassion. I experienced some healing and certainly had a lot to reflect on after my time with them.” (F.)

"I came across Keone's work online as I was searching for a local therapist. I have been suffering a stressful time at work and made contact. Keone was very understanding when my schedule changed and had to re-arrange my booking. When I finally met him, I was instantly put at ease, the session was very relaxing and soothing. His soft touch and intimacy really helped me forget my worries. For several days after I felt energised and calmer and look forward to the next session with him." (S.C.)

“Keone excuded warmth, compassion and kindness during our session, at a very difficult time in my life. He was patient and understanding. The time flew by. Thank you!” (B.)

“Wow! What an experience!! I met Keone over the summer and I would truly recommend his service. Really welcoming and warm atmosphere throughout, and his touch and massaging left me so relaxed and releasing all the anxiety that was bunged up before. He knows exactly what works for you. Thank you Keone, I’m sure we will meet again.” (L.J.)

“I connected with Keone via a socia app. I had never been to see a person about energy before so was intrigued what it’s all about. Keone was very warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable. We discussed a few issues I was facing. I’m glad I went it was the best thing for me. The session helped me to refocus and realign myself. But most importantly my energy was restores and I really needed it. The session was also educational and I learned a lot about myself and the colours of the different energy centres. Thanks Keone.” (R.)

"I first met Keone about thirteen years ago and experienced first hand as he led me through a number of fascinating and expansive journeys. Over the years I’ve had several sessions with him in times when I needed support or faced challenges. Always his greatness of heart has moved me and assisted me in shifting perspectives. With him I feel cared for and nourished every time. Very recently I contacted him for advice on undertaking a forthcoming 14 day solitary retreat in a completely darkened room in India. We agreed to have a number of sessions which led to me identifying my spirit animal and with Keone's guidance and mentoring he prepared me for meeting my spirit guide and journeying solo. The skills that Keone lay before me I believe transformed and profoundly supported my time on solitary. Keone is a master at being extraordinarily human." (T.S.)

"I have known Keone in a personal capacity for almost twenty years, and over that time have been lucky to be able to call upon his remarkable skills as a healer, shaman and guide at stressful moments of transition in my own life. Sometimes, this has involved us doing exploratory shamanic or vision work in order to help me clarify where I want to go next, or work out why I am feeling frightened, blocked or paralysed in my own journey. He is a deeply wise, warm, intuitive, and perceptive person who has a great gift for making people feel held, seen and supported. Most recently, he helped me while I was struggling with a difficult decision about a relationship, and was able to hold the space for me with incredible surety and calm. This intervention was critical to allowing me to work through my anxiety, and to find the confidence to make the next step. As on many previous occasions in my life, I found myself able to move forward because of Keone’s capacity for creating a nurturing space which is attuned to others and their own unfolding." (J.C.J.)

"I have met Keone during our shamanic studies. He is one of the most creative, most humorous and most compassionate human beings I know. Intelligent, empathic, authentic and a great lover of all that is - that's him. He knows of pain and beauty and dances his dance anyway, gracefully and humbly. Generously he shares his wisdom and makes the planet a better place. He unites vulnerability and strength and paints like there was no tomorrow. Whatever he undertakes, it comes from deep down inside his big heart. I feel blessed to know him." (I.S.)

“Keone sees the unique talents and potential in each individual and works with that. He meets them from a space of believing in them and holding the highest possible vision for their personal development and educational journey. It is a joy and privilege to work with Keone and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”  (I.A.)

“Keone worked with my two children as they made the transition from Italy to London. He works creatively and sensitively to get the most out of people. He is an inspiring, talented teacher and both my children have benefited from working with him and his positive attitude and optimism.” (L.A.)

“Keone provided mentoring for my son who, following from my separation from his father, was in need of more positive male role models. My son found him invaluable just when he most needed it. Overall I think he is exceptionally empathetic which is what leads him to work well with children and young people.”  (J.L.)

"Having known Keone for the past 2 years both in a personal and professional capacity, he has consistently proven himself to be a loyal and dedicated individual. Both his colleagues and loved ones are inspired by his work ethic and dedication and I can honestly say he leads by example. Over the years I have been witness to his work ethic in practice, always promoting an individual's independence, empowering people to reach their full potential and encouraging their self expression through the medium of art." (C.G.)

"I've both worked with Keone in ceremony and had the pleasure to see him work with young people.  His great big massive heart, playfulness,  ability to create magic and spirit-led knowing is at the centre of all he does.  If you're longing for transformation, for an adventure, for a catalyst filled with soul food, he's your man." (M.L.)

"Having my initiation into manhood with Keone was a wonderful and eye opening experience.  It helped me to understand new things and develop a new sense of independence.  Keone is a great teacher and I was able to be open towards him as I would with my mum or dad.  I felt safe with him and hope others get to work with him like I did." (L.L. 13)