Tantric Bodywork


Dreaming Spirit Medicine for the Whole Man from the Root up


Hi my name's Keone and welcome to Serpent-Rising, a resource for men of all ages, gender-identity and sexuality, who wish to experience deep relaxation, unlock their creative potential and confidently navigate their dreams.

At a time of great change, where men are being asked to step into their feminine as well as their masculine, Serpent-Rising offers treatments and classes to help any man at any stage in their process. The incentive to begin came from my own journey to balance the masculine and feminine sides of my being. In my vulnerability I found strength and in welcoming boundaries I found greater flexibility.

Serpent-Rising weaves together ritual, practice, dreaming, bodywork and creativity across the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. The name relates to the ancient concept of Kundalini / life-force energy, which begins in our root and rises up through our energy centres to our crown. Serpent-Rising works with the Mother Earth and Father Sky archetypes within the cosmos and within us all.

BREATHE - Take some time out, surrender to another man's touch and feel the transformation. A range of massages is available: subtle, stimulating, intimate and sensual. The Tantric massage is by far the most powerful and popular.

DREAM - For anyone who wishes to explore the territory of their subconscious, who finds it hard to remember their dreams but would like to. Alternatively, if you have specific questions with which you would like guidance then why not book a bespoke dreaming.

CHANGE - is it time to make a change? maybe you know what needs to be done but feel unsure how to take the step. See how rituals and ceremonies can offer you assistance at times of transition and transformation

CREATE - do you feel creatively unfulfilled? are you ready to reclaim the passion and pleasure of being reunited with your creative practice and living a more joyful life? Guided Imaginative Visualisation Exercises are supremely effective in reawakening the creative spirit. Workshops can be tailored to suit you across days or weeks

I have been meditating and practicing Tai Chi since 1997. I am qualified in Reflexology, Reiki, Tibetan and Tantric Massage and Core Shamanism with 14 years practical hands-on experience. My writings have been published and translated, and my visionary art has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in private collections around the world.

If you have any questions please CONTACT me.