Serpent-Rising Tantra

Unfinished (2017)

Unfinished (2017)


Serpent-Rising Tantric Bodywork

“Keone was very sensual and warm with his touch and I felt a raw erotic energy run through me. He takes you to a level you probably will not have experienced before.” (A.B.)

I offer personally tailored 1:1 and couples sessions of Sacred Counselling and Tantric bodywork. The bodywork takes place on the energetic level as well as the physical, stimulating the life force within the base chakra, rousing it up through the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and brow chakras, to the crown.

The Serpent-Rising Tantra I offer evolves with my practice and is the culmination of many years of conscious breathwork and bodywork. I was taught to meditate in 1996 and a year later began learning a form of Tai Chi passed down by Rosa Li, which has been my daily practice since 2010. I began my training as a Reflexologist in 2004 under Cheryl Butler and a Reiki practioner in 2005 under James Phillip. I had my shamanic initiation in 2005 and trained with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies under Kate Shela and Simon Buxton.

Tantra is an ancient Eastern term meaning to 'weave together'. Serpent-Rising Tantra weaves together ritual, practice, dreaming, touch and creativity in a safe and intimate environment.

The incentive to begin came from my own journey to balance the masculine and feminine sides of my being, as well as healing the shame I had learned to generate towards myself from an early age. As baby gays we are often schooled to feel disgust at who we are, which blocks our solar plexus centre and turns the innate power we have against us. I answered the call of Tantra when I was ready to fully release the last strings of shame, and when the sexual energy that I used to hurt myself could transmute into something powerful and loving.

This is intense and beautiful work that engages sensually and intimately with the sexual energy inside us. It is undertaken in sacred space and in alignment with unconditional love.

At a time of great change, where men are being asked to step into their feminine as well as their masculine, Serpent-Rising offers treatments and classes to help you, wherever you might be in your process.

If you have any questions please CONTACT me.