Spirit Art

Worship (2017)

Worship (2017)


As a kid I happily scribbled over any surface that stayed still long enough. But by secondary school I was repeatedly told that how I saw and was drawing the world was wrong. I also learned that ‘creating’ was something that would get me shouted out if I did it too much. And so I pretty much stopped representing the world pictorially. The exception was copying monsters from Doctor Who Magazine.

Once I moved away I began to draw again and arriving in London for my M.A. marked a moment when I knew I would rather be making work than researching and writing about other people who had done so. I started to sew after the breakthrough of my Saturn Returns, making t-shirts, throws, hangings and 3d objects. I completed writing and publishing ‘The Parable of His-Story’ in 2011, and following a 6 month fallow period, which alarmed me with the intensity of its emptiness, I found myself working with a family in Italy. I sat down between classes, picked up a size 4 brush and mixed my first colour with a set of Winsor and Newton gouache paints. A channel came on line for me that day. I started painting and I haven’t stopped.

At its best, my work is Spirit Art. I am inspired by dreams, visions and journeys. I paint what is overlooked or how the world looks like through my eyes. The way I see it might be ‘wrong’ according to some but it’s how I paint and it is my medicine and joy.

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