Queer Spirit Medicine Tantra Facilitator offering Relaxation and Stimulation through Reflexology Massage and Reiki, as well as Meditation Altar-Growing Ritual Ceremony. Dreaming Journeys and Guided Imaginative Visualisation Workshops offered in London for Gay, Bi, Trans Men from Experienced Outsider Artist and Qualified Shamanic Practitioner




As you can see from this site, painting is how I express myself creatively. My journey home to painting was a long and winding one and is woven together with my work as a visionary. I paint what I see in my dreams, journeys and visions. Sometimes the pieces come out of the darkness, other times they flash from the fabric of the world.

Sometimes a painting or image speaks to us and we feel the need to have that image with us, on our altar or in our home. If you feel drawn to one of the images in the gallery, please get in touch to ask about price and availability,

I also regularly paint on behalf of other people, bringing their visions to life or the contents of a dream or an image which is given to them as medicine. If you feel inspired to commission a work then I am more than happy to discuss this with you. I paint on paper, canvas and walls. The price will vary depending on the piece. Please see GALLERY for a selection of my work.

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