Gay Temple



GAY TEMPLE is a place where our sexual power is accessed free of fear, and where pleasure and arousal is released from hurt, guilt, shame and suffering.

It is a place of passion, healing, adventure and unfolding.

All men and male-identified are invited to join, remember our sacred calling, embody the divine masculine and divine feminine within us, express our real self through compassionate touch, togetherness, energy healing, meditation and many other practices that Gay Temple offers.

With a series of Tantra massage and Gay Reiki, Shamanic practice, Ecstatic dance workshops and events, the Gay Temple invites you to reclaim your mastery as a lover, healer, poet, king.

Now is the time to reclaim and assert our authentic gay spirit!

GAY TEMPLEMaking A Connection

18:45 - 21:30 • 4.10.19 • Buddha on a Bicycle, 27 Endell Street, London, WC2H

The purpose of this workshop is to remind us that we are all creatures of relation. We are in relationship with everyone and everything around us all the time. The food that we eat, the places we frequent and the people we love. We are one aspect of a dazzling web that warps and weaves its way through all of creation.

As energy workers we are fascinated by the invisible but noticeable connections that dance within and between us. As a bee-er, I am humbled witnessing this magical connection that joins together tens of thousands of unique bee-ings into the super-organism of a single hive.

Like the bees we are all parts of the super-organism of Mother Earth. It is through our practice and group work that we are able to become more conscious of that connection and play a more active part with it in our day-to-day lives.

‘Making a Connection’ marks the first of our monthly evenings. In this evening we will take our sense of connection back to its early stages and slow it down. Many of our connections are now being filtered and translated through the Internet. Virtual reality is a fast-moving space that allows for infinite possibilities, but it can also leave us feeling disconnected and exhausted.

This evening offers us ways to return to connecting with each other by activating the senses of touch, smell and taste that are the privilege of being in body. We will swap 5G for 5D and explore our simplest and most vital fibres of connection as we get naked physically and emotionally.

With this beautiful work we’ll be assisted by the compassionate shamanic practitioner and energy worker Hyacinthos Christou. Please do sign up now if this sounds like an evening you’d like to be part of.

Gay Temple: Making a Connection takes place on Friday 4.10.19 from 18.45 - 21.30. The cost is between £20 and £35 depending on what feels right. Places are limited to 13 so please sign up early.

Any questions, please contact us HERE