Queer Spirit Medicine Tantra Facilitator offering Relaxation and Stimulation through Reflexology Massage and Reiki, as well as Meditation Altar-Growing Ritual Ceremony. Dreaming Journeys and Guided Imaginative Visualisation Workshops offered in London for Gay, Bi, Trans Men from Experienced Outsider Artist and Qualified Shamanic Practitioner

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming


Mindfulness and Meditation are tools I find central to my daily practice and are a great way to begin exploring the world of our Dreamtime. In these sessions of Lucid Dreaming, you will learn to develop and grow your meditation practice in an intensive and supportive 1:1 environment to enable you to experience a more fluid movement between the conscious and subconscious states of being. These sessions are driven by compassion and weave breath work and tantric meditation to open the Heart Centre and explore the magical possibilities of unconditional love. It's recommended to undertake these sessions before beginning the Guided Imaginative Visualisation Workshop.

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