Queer Spirit Medicine Tantra Facilitator offering Relaxation and Stimulation through Reflexology Massage and Reiki, as well as Meditation Altar-Growing Ritual Ceremony. Dreaming Journeys and Guided Imaginative Visualisation Workshops offered in London for Gay, Bi, Trans Men from Experienced Outsider Artist and Qualified Shamanic Practitioner




Rituals and rites of passages exist to help us mark key moments and offer us the chance to signify endings, beginnings and other transitions. There are many moments which define us and help us shift out of who we were to who we are about to become. Sometimes it's about coming out of a relationship, moving house, leaving or starting a new path in life, love, work or place. Whenever you feel that a time of transition is upon you it can help to mark that stage with a ritual.

Sometimes the work can be as simple as helping someone shift their attitude or discover what impassions them. I work uniquely with the needs of the individual to assist movement towards change and ritualise the transformation. There is no event in one's life too small not to be witnessed, honoured and celebrated. It's my view that for us to really commit to significant change, marking it in some way that fits best for us is vital.

The ritual (or rituals) will be tailored to your specific needs and the event being marked and will evolve from a conscious collaboration between all parties in accordance with Divine Love. Please contact me to enquire further.

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