Queer Spirit Medicine Tantra Facilitator offering Relaxation and Stimulation through Reflexology Massage and Reiki, as well as Meditation Altar-Growing Ritual Ceremony. Dreaming Journeys and Guided Imaginative Visualisation Workshops offered in London for Gay, Bi, Trans Men from Experienced Outsider Artist and Qualified Shamanic Practitioner

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage


“Keone was very sensual and warm with his touch and I felt a raw erotic energy run through me. He takes you to a level you probably will not have experienced before.” (A.B.)

Tantra is an ancient Eastern term meaning to 'weave together'. It draws together ritual, ceremony, mantras and meditation which vary according to the phase of the moon, the time of the year and the people involved in the ritual. I offer a tantric massage which goes deep into the heart of relaxation and being, working with the chakra system of energy points, at your feet, your legs, your spine, focusing on raising the core energy (kundalini) from your base and moving through the energy centres up to your crown. This is intense physical, emotional and energetic work, that engages sensually and intimately with the sexual energy and is undertaken with unconditional love and an agreement on boundaries beforehand.

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